Rendall Zero
Simple and secure
Rendall Zero is a simple application for secure audio and video calls, as well as instant messaging and files..

All data is transmitted encrypted during the limited time of the chat, after which all the information, including the fact of communication, is permanently deleted.
Invite an Interlocutor
Send him the one-time code from Rendall Zero, or copy and share the code in any other way.
Speak safe
The interlocutor just needs to follow the link to start communication. Exchange encrypted instant messages, files, and make voice and video calls within 10-minute session.
Complete session
Communication time in Rendall Zero is limited to 10 minutes. At the end of the chat, all information exchanged by the interlocutors is irretrievably deleted.
How it works?
3 factors of security
App doesn't store
contacts or chat history
At the end of the chat, no traces of your conversation are saved. That minimizes the risk of information leakage.
End-2-End encryption
Strong encryption algorithms AES and RSA. Any attempt to intercept the data becomes useless.
We do not collect
or store your personal data
Your communication is completely anonymous and protected from social engineering.
Install the app
and send the code
No settings and accounts with usernames and passwords
Strong encryption and automatic data removing
Perfect Quality
Crystal-clear sound and connection stability
Publish a one-time link instead of your phone number on social media and where else you need to protect your privacy. No transfer of personal data for a single communication with the interlocutor.
User cases
Invite new users to confidential talk easily with full respect for their privacy and time.
Interviews of your customers and employees. Use Rendall Zero for online consulting, ensure privacy and personal data protection of your clients.
Contact us:
Phone: +41 79 921 77 77
Rendall AG c/o BK-Services
Baarerstrasse 8
6302 Zug

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